Yes, you can change your booking at latest 48 hours before you pick-up a car. Please send us an e-mail regarding the change of your booking. This service is free.
Yes, you can cancel your booking at latest 48 hours before the time specified for picking-up a car. If you fail to cancel your booking in due time, you are obligated to pay the full rental price.
The rental day is based on a 24-hour rental period commencing from the time of pickup. In case you are late more than an hour, the next rental day shall be charged.
If you have not received the email with confirmation of booking, please send us email at:
You will pick up your rental car with the full fuel tank. If you do not return the car with the full tank, you will be invoiced the cost of missing fuel and a refueling service charge.
Yes, you can. We also accept cash payments.
Please send an email to our manager at: indicating the number of your rental agreement and details of your complaint.
Yes, you can pick up a car in some of the neighboring countries. This service shall be charged.
Valid credit car or cash.
Driving license: your driving license must be valid and you must have at least two years of driving experience. If your driving license is not in the language officially used in the country, you must have a certified translation.
In case of an accident, it is very important to call the police immediately (Police telephone number: 122) and inform representatives of the IDEAL Rent-a-Car about the accident. If the accident is not caused by your fault, we shall provide a replacement vehicle. You must fill in and sign all needed papers you may receive from the police. Details about third persons who participated in the accidents must be submitted, as well.
If you return the vehicle sooner than agreed, we shall not be able to refund you.
If you drive off-road, all insurances shall cease. In such a case, you will be fully charged all damages incurred to the vehicle.
Yes, but please indicate the name of another driver when picking up the vehicle. This is needed because of insurance and in case of a police check of drivers on the road.
In many countries, children below 135 cm in height must use child safety seats. Such seats are provided by the IDEAL Rent-a-Car free of charge.
Our recommendation is to take GPS and you will never get lost. This service is free of charge
We will send you the invoice by email when the vehicle is returned. In case you have any particular requests, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to do our best to meet your demands.
You can book a car by email (the form is available on our website), by using our website order form, or by phone (contact telephone number).

Yes, and we accept only original and valid driving licenses. We do not accept any copies of driving licenses.
Often, yes. However, it may happen sometimes during a tourist season that we have to refuse your request for the rental prolongation, if other clients have already made a reservation and we have no available cars. In any case, please contact us and check out whether your reservation can be prolonged.
We recommend you to keep all the documents related to your car rental, including also the Car Rental Agreement, invoice, fuel bills, etc.