Car Rental Agreement – General Rental Conditions

1. IDEAL RENT A CAR – IDEAL GROUP D.O.O. (hereinafter referred to as: the Lessor) hires hereby the vehicle described on the first page of the present Agreement to the Renter (hereinafter referred to: the Renter) within the time period and under the conditions set forth by the Agreement.

2. By signing this Agreement, the Renter undertakes to accept and abide by the following General Conditions, as well as to assume all rights and obligations stemming from the present Agreement. Namely, the Renter shall:
a) have the minimum age of 22, and valid driver’s license held for at least 2 years;
b) pick up a vehicle for use free from any defects, with the existing fuel level in the tank, as well as all requisite documents related to the vehicle, and complete pertaining accessories;
c) in case the Renter is unable to return the vehicle on the time specified as well as if he does not want to extend the rental period, he shall inform the Lessor thereof at latest 24 hours prior to the date of expiry of the present Agreement;
d) take care of the good technical condition of the vehicle, as well as inform the nearest IDEAL Rent-a-Car station immediately upon occurrence of any defects;
e) shall not use and operate the hired vehicle:
– under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited stimulating substances,
– for any illegitimate purposes (criminal offences, customs infringements, etc),
– for paid transportation of goods and passengers,
– in sport events and competitions,
– the rented vehicle shall be used solely for personal needs,
– the vehicle may be operated by a person indicated in the Car Rental Agreement as a second driver,
– the hired vehicle may not be overloaded i.e. carrying more passengers or freight than permitted,
– the hired vehicle shall not cross the border of Montenegro without a prior permission of the IDEAL Rent-a-Car.

3. The car rental price includes the insurance of third parties in case of accidents, fully comprehensive car insurance in case of accidents, insurance against car theft (this type of insurance does not apply in the territory of Kosovo).

4. If any damages occur, due to negligence, to tires, wheels, lower machinery of the vehicle or engine mechanism when the vehicle was not involved in an accident, the Renter is obligated to pay in favor of the IDEAL Rent-a-Car the whole amount of car repair costs and the amount of the lost daily car rental at existing prices due to immobilization of the vehicle during repairs.

5. In the case of lost keys and documents, the fine of EUR 500.00 shall be imposed.

6. Regardless of the fact that the Renter has bought the liability coverage for the rented vehicle, he shall be liable for all the costs of repair or even the market price of a new vehicle, as well as the costs of loss incurred to the IDEAL Rent-a-Car due to his inability to use the vehicle, in the following cases:
– damages on the vehicle caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
– damages caused by a deliberate action or gross negligence of the driver (using vehicles off roads, etc.),
– at the time of accident, the driver was without a driving license, or intentionally left false personal data in the Agreement and invalid documents,

7. The Renter shall protect all interests of the Lessor and his Insurance Company in case of a traffic accident in such a way:
– to take names and addresses of all participants and witnesses of the accident,
– not to leave the place of accident before calling and waiting for the traffic police authorities, receiving the official Car Accident Report, moving the rented vehicle from the place of accident and securing it properly,
– to inform immediately the nearest Lessor’s Rental Station.

8. The Renter shall, in case of a traffic accident or car damages, be liable for all consequences and damages that the Lessor may have and that arise from the Renter’s failure to meet the obligations set forth in Article 7 of the present Agreement.

9. Any changes and amendments to this Agreement shall be valid solely when confirmed in writing by both parties to the Agreement.

10. The Renter shall settle in due manner all his obligations towards the Lessor, such as:
– the daily rental amount in accordance with the existing pricelist,
– the amount of fines pronounced against the Renter in connection with the use of vehicle and caused by the Renter’s fault i.e. by violation of traffic rules,
– the amount of legal and attorney-at-law’s costs incurred due to debt collection from the Renter through court.

11. If the Renter covers rental costs by his credit card, by signing the original copy of the Rental Agreement he agrees that the Lessor can charge the full rental amount to the credit card issuing institution.

12. In case of any dispute under or in connection with the present Agreement, both sides to the Agreement agree to accept a court in Podgorica as a court competent for resolution of such disputes.